mu - paris hilton

IRIS CHACÓN “Muchacho Barrigón”

"The woman is a good deal" was the second Iris Chacon movie filmed in Spain and the only direct television producer Valerio Lazarov,
recently deceased.

nina simone - suzanne

Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof - “She’s Lost Control” Joy Division Cover fuck this disinterested brooklyn audience, this performance is AWEOSME

ethel smith - tico tico

if you arent OBSESSED with the tico tico song, you should be now

gidropony - discokidz

wow i sure am posting a lot of high energy music videos featuring PHYSICAL ACTIVITY 

is this what getting laid does to a person? I AM SO SORRY

no payne no gain (song is word up by cameo)

MAKING ANOTHER EXCEPTION AND SAYING SURE, THIS IS A MUSIC VIDEO becuase holy shit old ass porn star working out like a motherfucker, THE HUMAN BODY YA’LL